Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Feel healing energy by listening to the beautiful tones of a traditional Tibetan healing bowl

Made with traditional tools and techniques.  Our bowls are made by true craftsmen in the rural Himalayan mountains. We  bring you the original sound of a Tibetan singing bowl.  Each product is handcrafted from the purest Nepal metals.

Many of today's common illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, or inflammation-related disease, have been linked to stress. After a singing bowl session many people report a deep sense of tranquility, sleep soundly and feel the effects of the treatment for several days. It provides the miraculous ability to bring the listener to peace and calmness. It is widely known to be used for meditation, music, and chakra cleansing.

Some other benefits may include:

*** Deeper meditation 
***Relaxation, deep sleep.
***Calm and relieved of anxiety.
***Support for healing for various health and emotional issues.
***Balanced chakras.
***Increased life force energy.
***Mental Clarity.
***Pain relief management and side effects especially for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
***Lower blood pressure.

How to use,

Either hold bowl in hand or on fingertip, or set on the cushion, tap side of bowl and listen to the ringing sound.  You may also run the mallet around the outside lip of the bowl and listen to the singing sound. 

The size is 6" diameter x 3" depth and 1 wooden mallet